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By guest writer Kris

One of the perks of staying with Dan and John was being able to commute into the city with John today. It was much different than my typical commute of 5 minutes in my car to the office.

Dan drove us across the George Washington Bridge. I took the A train with John from 175th St. to 4th St. Then I was on my own carrying five empty duffle bags from Washington Square to my daughter’s NYU dorm. I am here to help Nicole transition into her summer housing.

I had a full day ahead of me. I met Nicole at her dorm with a healthy breakfast. After four loads of laundry, vacuuming and cleaning, I changed into my “meeting shoes,” and walked six blocks to 721 Broadway. I attended the Tisch School of the Arts Parent’s Council Meeting End-of-Year Luncheon.

Even though it was not on the official agenda, the Dan and John blog (April 20th posting “Supporting the Arts”) was discussed twice before the meeting started.

I was further surprised to learn the blog was forwarded to Dean Campbell of the Tisch School of the Arts. Apparently, she was delighted to read Dan and John’s warm and heartfelt account of the Gala evening – it reflected exactly the kind of experience they had hoped guests would have.

When I was asked my impressions of the Gala – I referred to the blog. It was then that I realized the blog has a life of its own!

In a conversation with Andrew, Executive Director, External Affairs, (with whom I first shared the blog) I explained that Dan and John have participated throughout our whole NYU experience. We stayed with them during Nicole’s interview/audition process. We toured the campus together. And Dan and John continue to support Nicole by attending all of her dance performances.

They have also helped me and my husband, John, feel comfortable having our daughter in New York City. We consider Dan and John like family, and it’s reassuring for us to know that Nicole has a support system nearby. The same is true for my parents, Nick and Roberta, who are also happy knowing Dan and John are always there for Nicole.

After the luncheon meeting, it was back to the dorm for more packing. Then dinner with Nicole in Chelsea. Commuting back on the A train, I started to reflect on the significance of the day.

My daughter’s first year at NYU is coming to an end. This could have been a year full of anxiety for me dealing with Nicole’s freshman year in college and an empty nest. But instead, Dan and John shared many fun and memorable experiences with us.

I also realized I too am coming to the end of an important year; I am not going to be a freshman parent anymore. I’ve learned a lot about how to navigate through New York City and can’t wait to come back for my next visit!


live. enjoy. repeat.

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