Airpot Pickup


I suggested we take everything out of the trunk of our car.  We were picking up two ladies at the airport, and I had a hunch we might need every square inch of cargo space.

John brought a large brolly (umbrella) in case we had to escort our visitors to the car in a downpour.


I staked out a good camera angle at the international arrivals meeting area.


But one can never be fully prepared for a visit from Siobhan and her daughter Saoirse.  They arrived tonight from Bristol, England with their exuberant personalities… and some large suitcases.
When John commented that the two of them have more luggage than anyone else we saw passing through the arrivals gate, Siobhan did not understand what he meant.
It’s the first trip to the US for each of them, and their itinerary for the next three weeks is going to be as full as their suitcases… with stops in New York City, Washington, D.C., and New London, New Hampshire.
Their luggage filled up the trunk of the Volvo. If we all go away together as planned, there won’t be room for John or I to bring a bag… I guess we could just wear some of Siobhan’s and Saoirse’s things.  Theirs is certainly going to be a memorable visit.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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