When Jack was barking at 8:00 AM yesterday morning my first thought was that the contractors were here; but it was Sunday. Then John reminded me that our friend Ming had promised to push a set of keys through the mail slot.


She had texted us the night before. Since she was going to park her car in our street and carpool into the city with our neighbors, she offered us the keys for the day. John readily accepted the offer.

What a fun start to the day knowing that we had keys to a new car. Peering out between the window blinds, it was easy to spot the Fiat 500 that Ming bought on Friday.


John was eager to get going…


and happy to take the first shift driving (sometimes it’s good to live with a morning person).


He had a fun outing in mind — a drive up the Palisades Parkway to The Market (next to The Filling Station) for breakfast.

Although the morning was a bit grey, riding in Ming’s yellow Fiat was like traveling in our own ball of sunshine.


When we arrived at The Market another customer asked if our car was fun to drive. I said “not as much as this one“ (I had to explain this wasn’t our car).


Ming initially planned to buy a blue Fiat, but when she visited the dealership she had an opportunity to test drive other colors (black, white, and yellow). Clearly Ming and the dealer understand how important it is to select the right paint color (as do I). She determined yellow was the most fun to drive.

Knowing Ming’s sense of fun, John asked what she was going to call her car. She replied, “Alfred… the name of the butler in Batman.” Our car is named Sidney, which helps us remember the letters SDY in his license plate, but that’s not as much fun as being named after a superhero’s butler.

On the way home we stopped to get gas and could not resist buying a yellow brush for Alfred.


Before parting ways, we checked out Alfred’s cargo space, or what John calls the boot…


and I call the trunk.


We were curious to know how many bags Alfred could carry, in the event we are offered his services again.

In the meantime, we appreciate our good fortune in knowing Ming and her generous sense of fun.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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