Alone In The House


Sometimes I get a quick dinner in the cafeteria before the ballet. It’s not as fancy as upstairs in the Metropolitan Opera House, but it is very convenient and reasonably priced. A shortcut to the cafeteria is through the orchestra pit.


The cafeteria is not open to the public (and neither is the orchestra pit); I was escorted in as a guest by Deb who played the ballet tonight.

I had the brisket with asparagus and a salad. I saw a few other musicians I know in the dining room.


After diner, I had to find my way without my escort through the maze of corridors and upstairs to the lobby. I was tempted to take a left turn through this doorway, but after the brisket I didn’t feel very light on my feet.


The back-stage and under-stage areas are all a bit dark and dingy. So, I was glad to finally climb up to the grandeur of the lobby level. I stopped to admire the chandeliers which are a signature feature of the Met. They are an explosion of crystal and make me think of the big bang that is credited with creating the universe.


At times like this I usually ask John to pose for a photo, and then compose a shot with the object of interest poised on his head. But since he was not with me tonight, I had to pose myself using the reverse lens feature on my iPhone…


Dandelier sounds better than Johndelier anyway.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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