Arbor Day, Earth Day, etc.


Today our town celebrated Arbor Day, Earth Day and the town’s “diversity and cultural resources.” The mayor gave an address that mentioned the Shade Tree Commission and listed many benefits derived from having lots of trees in our town.

We bought t-shirts from the Shade Tree Commission stand to show our support for their work, and we each helped ourself to a redbud tree sapling.


In my official capacity, as a member of the Historical Preservation Commission, I helped set up and break down our stand.


Dan also lent a hand.


Dan (the fountain photographer) obliged the commission members by taking a photo of the whole team. A couple of dogs were included as they have attended a past commission meeting.


This was the first time that I have been involved with one of our town’s events, and I enjoyed it.


In the evening Dan and I noticed a huge tree across the road from us was dropping unusual flowers.


We’ve lived in our house nearly 10 years and never noticed these flowers before. We are curious to know if the tree produces flowers once every so many years — with a cycle a bit like the 17-year locust.

We experienced one of the many benefits of having lots of trees in our town when we held one of the flowers up to the evening sun and marveled at its natural beauty.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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