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Although John’s attendance has tapered off, I have tried to keep up with the weekly Pilates class. My diligence was rewarded with my photo being chosen for the cover of the class schedule a few months ago.


That’s me in the blue shirt in the center. It may look like Sarita, our instructor, is giving me a correction, but I’m pretty sure she was just telling the rest of the girls to position their hands like mine.

This morning’s class was well-attended. I arrived a few minutes late, and consequently did not get my standard spot in the studio. I took an empty space one row further back than usual.

It took me a few minutes before I noticed the reflection of a familiar face in the mirrored wall of the studio. Upon Sarita’s command to “inhale,” I not only drew a deep breath, but also a broad smile. Nancy is back.

She was back in her spot in the first row, the spot that is typically just in front of me. For four months my Saturday mornings have not been the same without her good Pilates form, quaffed hair, lipstick color, and most of all, her upbeat and energetic personality. I knew it was just a matter of time before Nancy would be back — after her back surgery.

She told me after class (and after our hug) that her doctors and physical therapists predicted her recovery would go well as she was in such good shape before the operation. Thanks, in no small part, to Sarita’s Pilates class.

She asked about John, and told me to tell him he has to come to class, especially now that she will be there. I’m sure John will be back in class soon. Like me, he finds Nancy’s strong will and determination irresistible.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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