Bare Essentials


In anticipation of losing our kitchen for a while, we pared down the cupboards to the bare essentials.


To accomplish this, I emptied each cabinet and transferred all our stuff (some stuff we haven’t seen in years) into the dining room. The table provided a good sorting station. We could clearly see and go through everything and determine what should stay and what should go. The plan was to get rid of stuff we don’t need and store essential items in bins until kitchen renovations are completed.


I suppose it is to expected that couples will disagree on what is worth keeping. So I should not have been surprised when Jack questioned my judgement on a few items.


To be a good partner in the relationship, I tried to see his point of view, and reconsidered.


It would make sense to get rid of lots of stuff at this sorting out phase. But now that we are finally going to have a bigger and better kitchen, we may finally have an opportunity to use all the stuff we’ve been holding onto for years.

So I kept packing bins.


I ended up with lots of bins. This created a storage problem; we have maxed out our space at Eleanor’s house.


So I called some other neighbors this time! Dennis & Hillary had offered that we could store stuff in their basement. It seemed like a perfectly reasonable request… after all, it’s only the bare essentials.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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