Beans Are Up


Exciting things are happening down at our allotment. Last week I planted pole bean seeds, and within seven days young plants were emerging from the earth.

I haven’t grown anything from seed for a few years; everything else I planted at the allotment was purchased as small plants.


I’d forgotten the pleasure I derive from the first sighting of shoots. I marveled at this simple example of nature doing its thing and immediately texted “Beans are up” to Dan and included a photo.

Last week, before planting the beans I did what I could to ensure they got off to a good start. I covered the beans with water and placed them in the sun. I know that pre-soaking encourages earlier germination.


Placing them in the sun was my own idea. I figured the sun’s warming rays might also help speed things up and certainly couldn’t do any harm. Within an hour the beans had started to swell and outgrow their skins.


I am looking forward to harvesting our first produce grown from seed in a few weeks time. Meanwhile, I’ve already lined up what seeds I want to sow in late summer for a fall harvest.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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