Big Box


“I can’t believe it’s finally here!” our friend Will exclaimed when he ran into his house after school. A new refrigerator had arrived.


Will’s parents could not be at home today when the delivery was to be made, so John and I hung out at their house to oversee the new fridge being installed.

We were glad we hung out after the installation, as it was fun to see and hear Will’s excitement regarding the delivery. Will also commented, “I LOVE the new refrigerator!” and asked, “Does it need batteries?”

We did not find it unusual for this 5 year old to be so enthusiastic about an appliance. Will has been eagerly waiting the arrival of the new fridge — so he could have the box it came in.



For some reason, the first thing Will asked me to do was take a photo of him sleeping in the box.


I did, even though he was in clear violation of proper box usage.


I could think of several reasons why he wanted a really big cardboard box.


First of all, he is beginning to outgrow his rocket ship.


And secondly, I remember how fun it is having a big cardboard box to play in. As a kid, I had one in the basement of my childhood home. My box was not a rocket ship. It was a trash can — the one that Top Cat lived in. But, unlike TC’s, mine had a telephone.


The great thing about a refrigerator box is that there’s lots of room inside…


enough room to invite friends in to play.


We really wanted to get inside that box, so John and I were thrilled that Will asked us. Then we were immediately put to work making patterns with little colored cubes.


Will was very pleased with this one.


The refrigerator box clearly delivered a good message today.


And Will reminded us once again, that when approached with a good sense of play, it gets even better.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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