The Big Test


Our local dog run is located under a big tree. It is divided into two areas for “large dogs” and “small dogs.” We assumed the designations were for physical size, and not personality, so we took Jack in the side for “small dogs.”


Although I think Jack’s self-image is one of a big dog.


He spent a lot of time checking out what was happening on the other side of the fence.


But he did meet and greet the little dogs in his area. He met Dino and Precious. And later he met Chunky, an 8 week old pup:


Today was the first time we ever had Jack to a dog run (with other dogs). And he behaved beautifully… just like a dog. He is a real natural.

What is the big deal about taking a dog to a dog run? Well, since we adopted Jack, every time we encountered another dog, he was nasty and aggressive. John and I have been afraid to let Jack loose with other dogs. We prevented him from doing so.

Jack’s performance at the dog run today could have been possible before, but we lacked the confidence to see it through. We are grateful for his training with Susan where he was reintroduced to other dogs in a controlled setting.


The real test today was mine – to let Jack loose in that dog run without fear. And I did it, almost fearlessly. The short length of rope tied to Jack’s collar, in case we should need to pull him from a tussle, is evidence of my lagging fears.


But dogs have long been man’s helpers. And today, Jack helped me get through my exam.

Hey, is that Cesar Millan leaving our local dog park? No, just me, looking all calm and assertive.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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