Birthday Animals


I believe everyone should enjoy their birthday month, and not just the day (personally, I find it impossible to fit all necessary celebrations of myself into 24 hours). So, even though John’s birthday was at the start of the month, his cards are still on the mantle, and will be until the end of May. I noticed several animals were chosen to deliver birthday greetings to John: chickens, a dog (a Jack Russell Terrier, of course), and a pair of hedgehogs.

The animal greeting cards remind me of the outing we took on John’s birthday to a farm. For some time we had wanted to check out the setting of the farm-to-table restaurant ‘Blue Hill at Stone Barns.’ John decided his birthday was a good occasion to visit.


The Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture is picturesque; the buildings now house a visitor center, cafe, education center, and the Blue Hill restaurant. But while we were there, we were keen to check out where the animals lived.

We visited a very large chicken coop,


and some hens came up to eye the birthday boy.


We followed the pig path into the woods…


and some piglets came to say hello.


And we hiked into the meadow…


so the baby lambs could wish John a good day.


We departed Stone Barns having had our fill of baby animal cuteness — or so we thought.

The following day we received a call to come to our neighbor’s house across the street. A box that had arrived in the mail via special delivery was about to be opened.


The box was full of chicks. Jake, our neighbor dog, could not really believe it.


The baby chicks were adorable and fun to hold.


John, who was raised on a farm in England, could not resist picking up a few.


When they get big enough, the chicks will live with Piper and the other hens across the street. And if we are lucky, we may get to enjoy some of their eggs one day.

With so many other animals getting our attention, Jack has had to dial up his own cuteness.


But, in my opinion, even Jack could not outshine the birthday boy.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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