Birthday Kickoff


We knew we would have to be out of the house early on my birthday, so we decided I should open my cards and presents the evening before. Typically I open cards and presents on my day.

Dan served Vespers and sushi, and it seemed that we were in for a quiet evening together.


A while later I heard someone walking up the steps to our front porch. Our friend Will had come to visit. His mum, Deb, was outside but couldn’t come in because they were walking their dog.

It was soon decided that Will would come in and “stay,” but Deb would not. She would come back in a while after walking the dog around the block. Will felt it important to point out to Dan and I that this wasn’t the same type of “stay” as when he stays overnight. He was setting expectations and wanted to make sure we were all on the same page.

After Will accepted the fact that we would not be watching Scooby Doo (I had to explain that it’s no longer available since I stopped our Netflix subscription), he started chatting and decided that, yes, he would like a drink. Water please — with straws.

Will followed me to the kitchen, and revised his drink request. He said he would like two glasses of water. I was amused that he wanted two glasses of water and didn’t think to ask why.

With his drinks order fulfilled Will proceeded to show us what happens if you drink out of both glasses at the same time; the water level in both glasses goes down.


If however you connect both glasses of water with one of the straws and drink from the other, only the water level of the glass you are drinking from goes down. Will had learnt this at his pre-k school earlier in the day and was very pleased to pass on the knowledge.


After the lesson about water levels, Will drew two superheroes (one with a cape and one without).


Next we showed Will one of the birthday cards that I had received. Dan suggested that it might be a picture of Jack when he was a puppy.

After some time Will wandered off, and when he returned he announced that the puppy on the birthday card was not Jack. He had visited Jack, who was resting in his crate, and noted that Jack’s markings were different to the puppy on the card.

A later comparison confirmed that Will was right.


It was fun kicking off my birthday celebrations with Will. By the time he and Deb left, I was feeling younger and more inquisitive.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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