Out Of The Box


When I brought the box in from the porch, I read the name LatticeStix on the label and knew immediately what was inside. The wooden grille panels I had ordered online had arrived.

I opened the box, inspected one of the squares, put it back in the box, and closed the lid.

I wasn’t in the mood to play with the squares for the openings in the garden wall. It was one of those days when The Destruction seemed to be progressing too slowly, and the delivery of another box inside our cramped house was an unwelcome intrusion on a rainy day. I was feeling boxed in.

When John came home from work his reaction to the box and its contents was curious and playful. He suggested the four of us (Siobhan and Saoirse included) go outside with one of the grilles to see how it looks in place.

This was a good idea. We enjoyed showing our guests what a nice feature the grilles will be and discussing with them the garden wall design (see June 4 posting, “Seeing Through the Wall”).


Even though it may look like it, I was not feeling so boxed in anymore.


At times like this I really appreciate John’s sunny outlook, and the way his presence in my life lifts my spirit.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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