Breakfast Surprise


With 17 years of experience, I felt I could confidently predict what John would order for breakfast.


Poached eggs with bacon, potatoes, toast, coffee, and a glass of water.

But to my surprise, when the waitress at the Highliner Diner asked John what he would like for breakfast, John said… “I’d like the Farro Salad with two poached eggs on the side.”

I looked across our table and said, “Who are you, and what have you done with my partner?”


Actually, I was doubly delighted by John’s breakfast order. First of all, he demonstrated a mastery of the American style of ordering from a menu — which considers a menu as a loosely scripted guideline to be creatively interpreted by the customer.

We have told countless guests from England that if they want something different than what is on the menu, to just ask for it, and the restaurant will probably make it. But typically, our English friends stay within the confines of the listed offerings exactly as they are written. John’s pairing of a brunch salad with breakfast eggs was an unrestrained leap of imaginative gastronomy.


Secondly, and more significantly, John’s breakfast order demonstrated he is not a man stuck in his ways; he is a person open to change and to trying new things.


In the past year, both John and I have been experiencing an increased curiosity that has expanded our interests and changed our habits. We have become frequent bloggers, regulars at our Pilates class, and hungry for healthier foods (I weighed 30 pounds more one year ago). We are finding that as we open to new ideas, life is full of surprises.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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