The Bride’s Deviled Eggs


We first experienced Carol’s Deviled Eggs in Central Park.  John and I were very impressed that Carol was filling eggs to order at our picnic.


Today I got to enjoy some more of Carol’s delicious deviled eggs (and bring home a few for John to enjoy later).  I also got to see her egg-filling technique in action again.

Carol arrived at our neighbor’s house equipped with her container of egg halves, a bowl of prepared filling, and a ziplock bag.


She filled the plastic bag with the egg mixture (her recipe includes: mayonnaise, mustard, pickle relish, red onion, salt and pepper).


She zipped the bag closed…


and cut off a small corner…

creating a one-time use pastry bag to squeeze the filling into the egg halves.
Within minutes of her arrival, the finished platter was on the lunch table.

Over lunch I got caught up with Carol’s wedding plans.  She is getting married in August.  I saw a sketch of her dress and a sample of the dress fabric.

The wedding will be small with family members only.

At the reception there will be one large table that will seat everyone.  After lunch she was heading into the city to buy fabric for runners to be used on the table.

All her plans sounded lovely, but when she said she was thinking of having several runners in the center of the table, I had to intervene.  I told her I thought it would be better to have one long continuous runner down the center of the table; it would unify the table setting, and the celebrants.

After gathering details about the size of the table and number of guests, I made a quick sketch for her.  I suggested what she needs is a runner that is 2’ wide x 14’ long.  With 3 flower arrangements, 3 dozen tea lights, and a view to the Pacific Ocean… it will be a beautiful table.


She was delighted with the sketch.  She asked me to sign it and asked for an envelope to keep it safe.  I was delighted that she was delighted.  It seems my little sketch was a big help.  I learned that a happy bride is one with a few less details to worry about.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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