More Bridge


This is the view of the George Washington Bridge that Dan and I were hoping to see on Tuesday (see June 26 posting).  I snapped the photo above at dusk around this time last year from the Ross Dock Picnic Area just north of the bridge.

It was a beautiful evening, and Dan and I sat at the water’s edge enjoying the moment.  The river was calm and the mood was tranquil.  Although there were a few others around, including someone fishing, we felt like we had the whole vista to ourselves.  I find it amazing that one can have such a private experience sitting a short distance from the busiest bridge in the world,* and just a mile away from the largest city in the USA.

Click on the ‘play’ arrow in the video below and you will get a sense of the magic we experienced.  We were fascinated by the bridge lights reflecting and dancing on the surface of the Hudson.

  1. *According to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey the GWB is the busiest bridge in the world.  Vehicular trips across the bridge total approximately 102 million a year.

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