Calm Before The Storm


New Jersey is in a state of emergency. Hurricane Sandy is scheduled to pass through in the next 24 hours or so. As a safety precaution, the scaffolding around our house has been reduced to first floor height and wooden planks have been removed.



an and I felt bad for Stucco Man and his crew as they worked so hard erecting everything just a few days go. Even Stucco Man is no match for Mother Nature.

Dan and I have been very relaxed about the advancing storm. Last year we got caught up in the media frenzy that preceded Hurricane Irene. We now recognize that we can waste a lot of energy anticipating something we have no control over. This afternoon we did finally turn our focus to the approaching storm and checked around outside for any items that could become airborne.


We also identified the potential for our basement to flood if the power goes out during the storm (last October we were without power for 5 days following a snow storm). The contractor has installed a drain and pump near the basement entrance to keep water from entering the basement, but the pump is dependent upon electricity supply. Eventually we will have a backup generator that kicks in whenever the power goes out, but it hasn’t been installed yet.

So, we needed a short-term fix. Sand bags immediately came to mind, and we went in search of some at a local Home Depot and Lowes. Just as we suspected, both stores had sold out which meant we had to get creative.

With some IKEA bags that we use for carrying laundry,


and sand from Stucco Man’s pile,


we made our own sand bags.


We feel pretty confident that they will do the job,


but only time will tell.


Now, determined not to get caught up in storm watch drama and ‘what if’ scenarios that the TV channels continually churn out, we keep the telly off. Dan says that listening to the news is no way to take advantage of the calm before the storm.

Instead, we made a cocktail, and are listening to some 45s we recently bought at a yard sale.


We’ll check for weather updates periodically and, once the storm has passed, deal with whatever Mother Nature sent our way.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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