Cape Jack


Jack is vacationing on Cape Cod this weekend. He has a suite at Troutbrook Kennels in Wellfleet. Dan and I are residing a few miles up the road at North Truro. We are staying at a friend’s house where there is a ‘no pets’ rule. We decided it would be more fun for Jack, and for us, if we boarded him nearby rather than at Woodside Farms in New Jersey. This way we get to spend some of our vacation time with him during the day, and he gets to enjoy the beach…


which is exactly what he did today, with abandon.


We let him off leash and he ran up and down the beach at rocket speed.


Click the ‘play’ arrow on the video below to see Jack’s racing form (comically compared to my racing form).


This is the first time we have had Jack off leash in a vast open area. Typically, he is not good about responding to a call or whistle. Our concern has always been that if we let him off he may see a wild animal, set chase, and we never see him again.


Dan and I faced our fear today, and let him go as there was little chance of him encountering any wild animals…


except for the occasional passing seal.


Thankfully he did not set chase into the Atlantic.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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