Catching Up With Harry


Tonight we are staying with Harry (aged 11) and his parents Phil and Claire.

We’ve not seen Harry for a few years.  Dan and I are having fun catching up with him and are impressed at how creative he has become.

He gave us a tour of his garden


and provided me with fun ideas to photograph, including original poses…


and advice on what camera settings to use (such as pop art)…


Harry told us that he and his friend Scarlet produce their own comic entitled The Striker.  He said he was inspired by old copies of The Beano and The Dandy.

Dan purchased a copy of The Striker for one dollar.


Harry was very pleased with his first international sale.


Noticing that one of the comic strips was named ‘Stinky Joe’s,’ I asked Harry what the target audience is for his publication.  I thought it might be people that think farting is funny.  Harry told me it is people interested in comic timing.  Again I was impressed.

Dan and I are very much looking forward to the next edition of The Striker.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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