Catskills Getaway


This morning we headed to The Catskills. Jack loves a road trip and was keen to see where we were going.


We have rented a place based on the following criteria for our weekend getaway: a cabin by water where we could bring Jack within 2 hours of home.

We arrived at the cabin around 10:30 AM and encountered one of the owners tidying up outside. Apparently a prior renter had left some food in the dustbin (trash can) and a bear had made a mess getting to the food. We said we would come back later — and then we too went in search of food. For us food was easy to come by.

A couple of miles down the road we had passed the “Grand Opening” signs at the Phoenicia Diner. We gave it a try and were delighted with what we found: a sixties diner that re-opened this morning having just undergone a makeover.


Dan and I found the menu to our liking, and both ordered the “Arnold Bennett Skillet.”


Dan commented that the fresh chives on top made it look like eggs that I would serve.


The menu at the diner included ‘things to do.’ The “pleasant and mild hike” up Mount Tremper, with the promise of a fire tower at the summit, caught our eye…


and we decided to go for it.


We didn’t anticipate that we would be hiking for four and a half hours, but that’s how long it took us to cover the 6 mile roundtrip and 1900 ft. climb to the summit (not including the 40 ft. climb up the fire tower).


When we finally reached the top of the lookout tower,


we were rewarded with great views and an aerial display of circling hawks.

The whole time we were on Mount Tremper we did not encounter another person. It was just what we needed. An opportunity to walk in nature and clear our heads.

Actually, it wasn’t all walking. We did both manage a few swings on a Tarzan vine that we found dangling along the way. It was as if Mother Nature was tempting us to go with the flow.






live. enjoy. repeat.


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