Change Over Day


Guest blogger Kris was on her way after enjoying a hearty breakfast cooked in the kitchenette.



Bedding was then laundered. Accessing the washer and dryer is not so straightforward these days. The route is out the front door, around the house, and down the new steps to the basement (the internal access is boarded up due to construction).


Our next guests arrived this afternoon.


Larry and Joanne are frequent visitors. They travel light and often. Today their travel time from the Pittsburgh area was 6 hours; they think nothing of doing a 10 hour road trip in a single day.

Both are full of energy and, based on past experience, we are sure to have a fun time while they are with us. They were keen to get to New York City, but didn’t mind us stopping for an errand when we got there.

We pulled up outside the Juilliard school. Our friend Solana was also in change over mode. She completed her first year at Juilliard and will soon be heading home to Arizona.

My understanding was that Dan had agreed to pick up and store a box for Solana over the summer. Dan didn’t have the heart to tell her no, even though during the past few weeks he has filled endless containers and stored them at neighbours’ homes. I guess he did that so we would have room for “the box” — and everything else in her cart.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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