Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?


Our contractor, Sean, grew up in Ireland, so I am not surprised that he likes crisps (aka potato chips). However we were surprised to learn today that Piper, one of six chickens that live across the road, also likes crisps.

Apparently, Piper and Sean are partial to cheddar cheese flavoured crisps. As a fan of potato snacks and cheeses, I applaud their good taste.

Piper scored some snacks from Sean yesterday lunchtime, and was back for more today. It’s not just crisps that she ventures across the road for when she is feeling peckish. A couple of weeks ago, Piper came over to sample a Blueberry Buckle that our neighbour Deb left for the contractors to enjoy (I am also a fan of Deb’s Blueberry Buckle).


live. enjoy. repeat.

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