Climbing Temperatures


When I returned to the house after walking Jack yesterday afternoon, I looked up and saw John at the bedroom window. The odd thing was he was outside the bedroom window.


With no workers around (because it was Sunday) and beautiful weather (65 degrees F), John decided to climb the scaffolding and inspect the progress of the house painting.


I was glad he did not try to do this three days earlier…


when our house and worksite was blanketed in snow.

Perhaps mid-November is a little late in the game to be painting a house exterior. It has been a concern of mine that we will not get the job completed before winter weather is here to stay. But the weather is fickle (and seems to be increasingly so). Along with the occasional hurricane and snowstorm, there are temperate intervals that work in our favor.

John and I were both keen to get outside and enjoy the comfortable climate change. We have been feeling rather cooped up lately. The painters have covered the windows in plastic sheeting and sealed us inside.


Taking advantage of yesterday’s warm patch, John got up close to check the painting prep work…


and the handiwork of the contractors in matching damaged old details with new replicas.


He gave a thumbs up to the work in progress.

We are keeping fingers crossed that our house will be painted before the next winter storm. With weather like this it’s easy to keep an optimistic outlook.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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