Comic Book Stories


John and I recently visited the Housing Works Thrift Shop in Chelsea. Just before leaving, I spotted a box of vintage comic books near the cash register. I decided to buy a few to send to our friend Harry. I thought he might enjoy them for stylistic and compositional ideas for his work on The Stryker (see ‘Catching Up With Harry’ posted July 15, 2012). I thought I might enjoy looking at them too.

I selected an assortment: Wonder Woman, Adventures of the Outsiders, and Archie. I remember reading Archie comics as a kid. It’s possible I read this issue already — when it was published in November of 1973.


I don’t remember ever reading a Wonder Woman comic. However, I do have vivid memories of watching Lynda Carter portray the super heroine in the TV series of the 1970’s.


Needless to say, I haven’t sent the comic books to Harry yet. I enjoy seeing them on our coffee table and paging through them.

The other day I went outside to check on The Destruction. I could not help but marvel at the beautiful weather and autumn colors. Looking up at the leaves and the dark outline of a tree against the sky, it seemed like I was still in the brightly colored and dramatically framed world of comic books.


Then I remembered the ‘pop-art’ setting on our camera; suddenly I was seeing great comic book stories come to life around me. Such as:

“Colin the Garden Gnome”…


“And the Secret of Solomon’s Seal”


“The Many Adventures of Stucco Man”


“Jack — Keeper of the Kong”…


and “Guardian of the Great Pumpkin Patch.”


And finally, The Outsiders had better make room for some new adventures with…


“Dan and John and Jack — Agents of Change.”


live. enjoy. repeat.

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