Coming Out


When I met Siobhan at a dance class in Bristol more than 20 years ago I could never have imagined that one day she would be riding with me to work on a NYC subway train.

Siobhan and Saoirse joined me on my morning commute today as they were heading to see Ellis Island and The Statue of Liberty via Battery Park. We got off the subway at Fulton Street near my office and I was pleased to be able to give them a very quick tour of the neighbourhood. Highlights included: The Freedom Tower, Wall Street and The Stock Exchange, Trinity Church, Zuccotti Park — and Century 21!

Siobhan holds a special place in my heart. She is the first person I ever told that I am gay. This coming out conversation took place a few weeks after I met Dan, and we had decided we wanted to be together. It wasn’t an easy conversation for me to initiate, even though I was thirty years old. That’s because I grew up in an environment that was not generally accepting of gay people. Until I met Dan, I had not been willing to acknowledge to myself, or others, that I was gay.

I deliberately selected Siobhan to tell because I was almost certain that she would not react negatively. Siohban is someone that you can tell anything to and know that you will not be judged. I couldn’t have wished for a better reaction to my revelation. Siobhan didn’t miss a beat and was pleased that I had met someone special.

Her support meant a lot to me. It gave me the strength to go on and tell other people my news and to develop a level of self-confidence I had been unable to achieve before. I also remember the sense of relief I experienced being able to present my true self to her and to others.

Siobhan’s support still means a lot to me. Everyone needs a friend like Siobhan.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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