Community Garden


I’ve been busy at my allotment the past couple of evenings preparing for fall planting. Overall I am pleased with the steady supply of homegrown summer vegetables my little patch produced…




but now the tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, and most of the basil are gone.

I have dug the ground in preparation for planting seeds this weekend.


I intend to plant carrots, beetroot (beets), peas, lettuce, radish and swiss chard from seed. According to a local nursery, cabbage and brussel sprout plants will be in soon, so I’ll add them later.

Although the allotments are collectively referred to as a ‘community garden,’ I find most of the time I am there on my own — except for the wildlife that is.


When I was there the other day, I was drawn to three sunflower plants that stand tall at one end of the overall garden site.


When I got closer I could see that I am not the only one working at the community garden. Bees are busy gathering pollen from the sunflowers.


I marveled at the plants, and then moved in for a close-up view of the flower heads.


It was a treat to see the bees in action (click on the ‘play’ arrow to see the video below).


I’ve also seen lots of birds, butterflies, and the occasional crickets at the garden — and deer beyond the fence. It is refreshing to be so connected to nature.

I brought Dan to the allotment today to show him the sunflowers. The bees were hard at work. I guess it’s always a community garden regardless of whether plot holders are there or not.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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