Doors Of Confusion


The downstairs loo is gone. Gone with it, is some of the confusion around exiting our home.

There are two adjacent doors in our living room. The one on the left used to lead to the downstairs loo (or as Dan called it, the Powder Room). The one on the right used to lead to a very small vestibule, that in turn led to the front door.


In the past, people that visited our house for the first time often didn’t know which door to leave by. Over the years, Dan and I got better at remembering to tell newcomers which door to exit through. Despite our direction, quite a few still ended up in the loo.

This past week the contractors removed the downstairs loo, and the wall that separated it from the vestibule. Our plan is to combine the two spaces and make a larger vestibule, with one door leading to the living room.


For now, although the two doors remain, all visitors can exit regardless of which door they choose.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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