Since our last update on The Destruction, walls have been insulated…


and covered in drywall.


The before and after drywall views above are from the kitchen looking into the new hallway that links to the dining room at left.

This view is looking the other direction into the kitchen.


Now that there are walls, we really enjoy walking through The Destruction and experiencing how it feels. It feels good.

Upstairs, there is no doubt that the window seat in the lounge/ante-room to the new bedroom is going to be a favorite spot.


Standing at the doorway to the new bedroom we have to remind ourselves that a year ago there was a window here — and that is where the house stopped.


In the bedroom, this view is of the passageway to the bathroom, and John’s closet.


Looking the other way, this is the view I hope to have of John asking me if I would like coffee or tea in the morning.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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