Duct Tape


We had just ordered a window and were exiting the hardware store yesterday when a colorful and wildly patterned display of duct tapes caught our attention. John and I both agreed on the zebra print and the pirate skull and crossbones pattern for Nina, whose birthday is on Tuesday.


So this morning, when we accepted a dinner invitation to celebrate Nina’s birthday, John and I were already prepared with a present. We arrived with two neatly gift wrapped rolls of duct tape (actually Duck Tape) and a groovy card.


When it comes to gift giving, John and I lean more towards fun than extravagant. The duct tape was a big hit, and was immediately put to use by Nina and her Dad. One of the glass faces on each of their iPhones was shattered; the zebra tape was a quick and easy way to seal the broken glass… and make a bold design statement.


We were pretty sure that Nina would like the zebra print, because it reminds us of the interior of her car.


I think a gift of duct tape encourages a strong and long-lasting bond between friends.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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