Earning Our Stripes


Fun has been hard to come by this week. The Destruction has put a strain on us. This evening we postponed our Open House. We sent out a mass email with a bit of disappointment, and a lot of relief.

We did manage to have some light-hearted moments this week, mostly instigated by Will. He is a great distraction from The Destruction.

The other day a package was delivered through our mail slot for Will – the same mail slot that Will likes to peep through before we open the front door.


Will came over to get a red t-shirt that John had ordered from American Apparel. He requested a red shirt from us as soon as he saw John and me at his house during our holiday card photo shoot.


By itself, a red t-shirt is not much fun when you are 5…


unless of course, everyone is wearing one.


We knew Will wanted us all to wear red t-shirts and be the same. He once requested that we wear white t-shirts over to his house, because everyone was wearing white t-shirts that day.

John and I appreciate Will’s desire for everyone to wear matching outfits.

For years we have admired the jolly striped pajamas that Will has worn since he was very small.


This year, we finally decided to get some of our own and be like Will.


Who says horizontal stripes are not flattering?

Last week we all wore red striped pajamas when we watched Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer at Will’s house.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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