Egg Art


By the time I got out of bed on Easter morning, the eggs were already hard-boiled. One of the great things about living with a “do-er” is they often help you to get things done too. All I had to do now was color them.


I am not seduced by the latest egg coloring fashions: marbleized, tie-dyed, stickered or striped. I love using the Paas egg coloring kit that has not changed much since I was a kid.


Dissolve the little color tablets in vinegar, and then add water.


Dunk the eggs, and wait, and wait, and wait, until they turn beautiful colors.


I double-dip to get in-between shades like yellow-green and blue-green. I’m happy when I’ve made a rainbow of colors. To me, a dozen colored eggs is worthy of exhibition in a modern art museum.


And when we went to the Beacon Dia Museum this afternoon with our friend Nicole, I wondered if egg-coloring has had a big influence on art.

We saw a big egg dunking room by Michael Heizer:


And a big wall of steel eggshell by Richard Serra:


And big colored shell fragments by Imi Knoebel:


live. enjoy. repeat.


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