Our house has become ensnared in wire mesh. The guys from Reliable Stucco have wrapped The Destruction in metal lath. It’s like a well-tailored chain mail suit of armor.


The Destruction has taken on a somewhat ominous appearance…


now that the plywood areas on the exterior are covered with a layer of black felt paper and a layer of metal lath. This is in preparation to receive three coats of stucco (a mixture of cement, sand, lime and water) to match the stucco finish of the existing house.

John and I are not used to seeing The Destruction in this dark outfit. Its new look is unsettling and reflects how we have been feeling about the house lately — overshadowed and ensnared by the ongoing construction work.

We have to remind ourselves that this is just a dark phase and an integral part of the building process.

Taking stock of how much progress has been made helps me to garner another week’s worth of patience with the project. When I look through the breezeway and see the tongue-and-groove ceiling and the detail of the roof bracket, my outlook brightens quite a bit.

And focusing on the big picture helps me to have faith that one day soon the dark walls will be covered in white stucco…

and the wire mesh will be the silver lining.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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