Our neighbour Marilyn joined us for an “Equality Walk” through downtown Montclair today. The walk was organized by Garden State Equality, the largest grassroots civil rights organization in New Jersey. An organization dedicated to securing equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in New Jersey.


The theme of this year’a walk was WE SHALL OVERRIDE and refers to the efforts of Garden State Equality to override Governor Christie’s veto of the Marriage Equality Bill that was passed in New Jersey earlier this year. Dan and I feel strongly about this issue and decided that we should do our bit to help the cause.


For me the word equality says it all. Dan and I believe we should be entitled to the same rights as others. We have been living together for nearly 16 years; we are as committed to each other as any couple we know. Why shouldn’t Dan and I have the same rights as other couples when it comes to things such as immigration, hospital visitation rights and taxation? If the only way to get these rights is through marriage, then we want the right to marry.

Before setting off on the walk, everyone gathered in Erie Park. Key speakers included US Senator Lautenberg and State Senator Loretta Weinberg who have both been great proponents of LGBT equal rights for many years.


After Senator Lautenberg addressed the crowd, Dan and I took the opportunity to speak with him in-person. We thanked him for helping us nine years ago to overcome an immigration issue that had threatened my ability to live in the US with Dan.

This week we emailed friends asking them to sponsor us for the walk and were delighted by the responses we received. We managed to raise over $1,500 to help Garden State Equality in their effort to achieve marriage equality in New Jersey.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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