Far Away Friends


Siobhan and Saoirse’s visit concluded on Saturday evening with a picnic in Central Park. Our neighbour Suzanne organized it, bringing together friends and family. Some were visiting from as far away as Paris and San Francisco.


It was a beautiful summer’s evening and the gathering provided us all with an opportunity to relax and meet new people.


We were pleased that Julianna (Suzanne’s daughter) returned from summer camp that day in time to meet Saoirse.

Later in the evening Siobhan and Saoirse set about packing their bags, and amusing Dan and me.


Their ability to weigh their own luggage, with a scale Siobhan travelled with, was very comical. They wanted to be sure they didn’t exceed the airline’s weight limits. They came very close to doing so.


Dan incentivized Saoirse to pack quicker with the promise of a Root Beer Float when she was done. She learned of root beer earlier in the day and was interested to try it. Julianna was happy to share the experience.


At 5:30 am on Sunday morning, Dan, Jack and I drove Siobhan and Saoirse to Newark Airport. We couldn’t leave Jack behind, because Saoirse had grown so attached to him. Saoirse told us she did not want to go home, and that was confirmation she had enjoyed her holiday.


Returning home from the airport, Dan and I saw the sun rising over the distant skyline of New York City.


After such an early start, we took it easy the rest of the day. Dan and Jack did a lot of napping, and I weeded my allotment which had become very overgrown.

In the evening Dan and I sat on our front porch with a drink husking corn picked earlier in the day.


From time to time we recalled an amusing story from Siobhan and Saoirse’s visit. A favourite is the one about them pointing out to a Whole Foods employee that a lot of the food items were way past the ‘sell by’ date. They were reading the dates as they are written in England (day first, month second) so they read ‘Sell by 8/3’ as ‘Sell by March 8th’ (instead of August 3rd)!

The evening was cloudy and refreshingly cool, and our place was very quiet without our guests. We are looking forward to getting back into our routine, but will miss the clamor, liveliness, and fun of having Siobhan and Saoirse around.

Although they are far away in England now, we have lots of fond memories to share when we next catch up with each other. As the thank you card that Siobhan and Saoirse gave to Dan and me reads: “Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there…”


live. enjoy. repeat.

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