The Filling Station


When it’s too hot to cook in the kitchen (or in our case, when you don’t have a kitchen and it’s too hot to cook in the kitchenette) there is nothing more satisfying than driving to an old fashioned roadside eatery.

John and I discovered The Filling Station soon after it opened last year, and it quickly became a favorite.  there is a genuineness to the setting, the friendly staff, and the food quality that we enjoy each time we go there.  It is well worth the 20 minute trip over the New York state border.

The Filling Station is not surrounded by contrived chain restaurants on an endless commercial strip; it is surrounded by trees.  Part of the fun is the drive up the Palisades Parkway to Exit 4.  It feels like a drive in the country and makes the experience all the more special.

They serve gourmet burgers made with excellent ingredients.  The building used to be a filling station (which I’d call a gas station, and John would call a petrol station) and the burgers have names like “Fill R Up” and “Texaco.”

The vibe at The Filling Station is casual and easy-going.  We find the people that work there are always friendly, and so too are the customers.

John and I like to sit at the counter where we watch the food being prepared and exchange a few comments with the cooks.
Eating outside while enjoying the setting sun through the trees — what a beautiful and relaxing way to experience a summer’s evening.

John made the comment that going to The Filling Station is transporting.  The scene is current, but the experience is reminiscent of a simpler time.  It feels like we are visiting somewhere only seen in the movies.  And I would add… or seen in paintings.

For me, this photo (taken with one of the art settings on my camera) conjures up feelings of Edward Hopper paintings…

a cross between ‘Gas’

and ‘Nighthawks.’
Interestingly, when I looked up his paintings online I was reminded that Hopper was born in Nyack, NY which is about 4 miles north of The Filling Station.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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