The film DELMAR that John and I helped Matt produce has just been included in an online film festival ‘We Speak Here’ at We are excited that our film will reach a global audience.

DELMAR celebrates a kind-hearted eccentric who does not let obstacles stand in the way of enjoying life’s journey. It is about a guy who conducts his life in relentless pursuits of the oboe and classical music.

Please follow the link at the end of this posting to watch our 30 minute documentary.

A few months before the film was to have its first screening, Matt was struggling to assemble a lot of great footage into a cohesive story. When he asked John and I to help with the storyline for his film, we said “sure.” We weren’t sure what to do, but were sure we’d figure it out. As first time filmmakers, there was a lot of on the job training.


John suggested developing a storyboard using PowerPoint because it would be easy to move ideas around. Matt provided a screenshot of each scene, and I organized them into a sequence that I felt told a story. Using the storyboard as our guide, Matt and I painstakingly edited the audio tracks with the video and shaped the narrative until we were pleased with it.

We previewed the film with friends, and then proudly screened it in June 2011 at the International Double Reed Society Convention in Phoenix, Arizona. It was very well received by an audience of over 100 musicians.

In March of this year, we got to see it on the big screen with a broader audience. DELMAR was shown at the 2012 Charlotte Film Festival.


The audience loved it! During the Q&A after the screening, one audience member gave kudos to Delmar and the filmmakers for following their joy.

It was a great night… a real high. When I saw Grace Kelly (actress from movie classics like Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Rear Window’) in the lobby, I felt like I could touch the stars.


In discovering the narrative of DELMAR, I was struck by how he follows his passion with such delight, in spite of the challenge of living with Asperger’s.

Delmar’s enthusiasm for the oboe and classical music led Matt to realize his own dream of filming, directing, and producing a film. And in turn, becoming the editor and storyteller in his film awakened in me a passion for writing. This experience boosted my self-confidence and helped me to start our danandjohnlife blog.

So, please watch DELMAR. As you will see in the film, he is a Pied Piper of sorts. If you listen carefully to his somewhat quirky tune, you too may be compelled to follow your heart and seek fulfillment in the things you truly enjoy.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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