Fountain Photographer


I waited at the fountain in Lincoln Center for about 30 minutes last night. The ballet I went to see got out earlier than the film that John went to see.

Getting our car out of the parking garage would have been a more efficient use of time, but waiting in the car was not as appealing to me as waiting at the fountain. It’s a beautiful spot in New York City and good for people-watching.

While I was waiting, several people asked if I would take their photo. One group of three had been to the ballet and were celebrating a birthday. They seemed to love the photo I took with their camera. It is funny how perfect strangers are willing to hand over their camera.

When I took a photo of Johanna from Germany and her friend from Argentina, I was not pleased with the results. The iPhone they gave me did not have a flash, and their images were dark shadows against the bright fountain.

I suggested I use the camera in my phone, which has a flash, and they could email the photos to themselves. It’s funny how I am willing to hand over my phone to perfect strangers.

Today, Johanna sent me a very polite email, thanking me for taking the photos, and asking if I could resend one. For some reason, she did not receive it.

I sent the photo with pleasure. I’m so glad I didn’t wait in the car last night.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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