Fresh Paint


When John is in painting mode I expect to find him in his ‘Bristol, England‘ t-shirt and an old pair of eyeglasses (glasses he had when I met him).


I also expect to find paint brushes and rollers in our refrigerator.


One of John’s painting tips is to wrap wet paint brushes and rollers in plastic bags and store them in the fridge between uses.


He uses this method of airtight wrapping and cold storage to keep painting utensils ‘fresh’ overnight… and for as long as a month.

Not having to wash brushes and rollers after each painting session is a big timesaver. And John is not one to waste time in getting a job done. He was quick to get started today putting primer on the green wall board in the master bathroom.


Although it is a bit off-putting to have painting supplies in our fridge, the inconvenience is well worth it, especially for me. Here are two examples of how I benefit:

1) From the same fridge, the painter manages to create delicious meals on his breaks…


like today’s lunch of poached eggs and sautéed vegetables (mushroom, zucchini, onion) on a bed of fresh kale with grated parmesan.

2) The painter enjoys a great sense of efficiency and does not asked for my help.


I expect he will have a coat of primer in the master bathroom and bedroom by dinnertime. I wonder what he’ll make for dinner?

Although he works well single-handedly, the painter has a four-pawed supervisor.


I noticed supervisor Jack glancing at the Dan and John names on the opposite wall…


He was not about to let his name be the first to go under the roller.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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