Fun En Route


Weekend house guests are good company after a layoff and before a birthday. Especially when the guests are Detta and Tash, friends from London who arrived last night. They will be working in the city this week with the New York Philharmonic’s children’s education outreach program.

We had set the expectation that we would all go on a daytrip excursion on Saturday. John and I decided to drive north along the Hudson River (going upstream, like salmon do).

John and I had an outline for the day. Stop at the Filling Station for coffee. Look for the Lucky Cow food truck at Jones Farm for lunch. Visit the Storm King Art Center. Without a fixed timetable, we would fill in the blanks with stuff of interest along the way. We always do.

We had never been to Storm King. We talked about going many times, and set off on my birthday two years ago, but we found so much stuff of interest along the way we never made it. On a beautiful Fall day, we find distractions are easy to come by in the Hudson River Valley. Today’s trip was no exception.

Before setting off for the day, we were distracted by a quick tour of The Destruction.



It was 10:15 before we were in the car and actually traveling. At 10:22 John pulled the car over for our first unplanned stop of the day. He wanted to show us Allison Park, which he had just discovered a week ago.

He took us on a shortcut into the woods,


to his and Jack’s favorite hideout in the secret garden.



Back in the car and 10 minutes later, we stopped at The Filling Station and Market for coffee and breakfast sandwiches.

The next detour was up Bear Mountain to show the girls the view…


and to take some photos (for others).


Once we entered Cornwall, NY there were yard sale signs that caught our attention.


When we reached Jones Farm the Lucky Cow was nowhere to be seen.


John checked the Lucky Cow’s Facebook page and learned it was having a lazy day; it was parked outside its owner’s house.


We had falafel wrap sandwiches in the front yard — before visiting more yard sales in the neighborhood.

It was 4:00 PM when we finally made it to Storm King. We had made it to our destination, but more importantly, we had fun along the way For the next hour and a half we marveled at the autumn landscape….

and played amongst enormous sculptures.










live. enjoy. repeat.

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