Getaway Wishlist


In the lead up to our getaway weekend Dan and I made a list of things we would like to do while away. It included such things as read, picnic, sleep a lot, log fires, walk and hike with Jack, and look at stars (this weekend was good for star spotting because of the new moon).

We managed to check a lot of things off our list during the past few days, and today we squeezed in a picnic before leaving the Catskills.

While I was fitting in some reading at breakfast…


Dan was busy planning. Equipped with a local guide book he figured out a short hike (just a mile each way) that would lead us to a waterfall where we could have a picnic lunch.

After packing up the car and sweeping the cabin clean we headed out to find the Diamond Notch Falls Trail. Even though we have a GPS device Dan still enjoys having a map.


With a new map at his fingertips, he directed us to a no through road (dead end) that winds through the scenic Spruceton Valley…



to the trail head.


After signing in, we walked along a beautiful woodland path until we reached our picnic spot just as Dan had planned.


We enjoyed a simple lunch while all the time listening to the soothing sound of cascading water…


in stereo.


With another item from our wish list accomplished, we started heading back down the valley with home as our destination. Until Dan spotted an “Eggs” and a “Maple Syrup” sign. He knew that I was on the lookout for both, so we made a stop (I love buying stuff straight from a farm).


I was delighted to return to the car with a couple of bonus items that I knew Dan would enjoy — honey plus two complimentary yellow squash that the farmer gave me. Jack showed interest too.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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