Giant Flea, Sun & Sat


When the phone rang this morning and our neighbor Suzanne asked if we wanted to go to an Earth Day flea market, I jumped at the chance. I was feeling that my first yard sale of the year was overdue, and had been hoping that I might find one this morning. Dan would have been up for it too, but had already gone off to Pilates (which I decided to skip this week).

I love a yard sale, tag sale, flea market, etc. I like the adventure of following the signs, not knowing what I am going to find, who I am going to meet, or if I will spot that certain something that I cannot live without. And, best of all, I love that the items sold get a second home rather than being tossed into a landfill site.

The flea market was a 20 minute drive from home to the Community Center in Pallisades, NY. Suzanne often goes there for the weekly Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning. The building, the setting, and the atmosphere made for a very quaint experience. It reminded me of a village event in England.

Suzanne likes the coffee stand there.

The market attracts people of all ages.


The flea market was set up inside the Community Center and, as is typical, had something for everyone.


Unfortunately/fortunately I didn’t spot anything that I cannot live without. I say fortunately because Dan and I are trying not to bring anything new, or old, into the house until the addition is completed. I could hear our discussion replaying in my head as I meandered through the market. So, I did not look too hard.

I did however buy some great looking produce, vegetable plants for the allotment, and fresh fish.




While I didn’t see any “must have” items for myself, I did see something that would likely have caught the eye of the Queen.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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