Go Yankees!


John and I typically don’t have much to do with sports. I remember the look on my cousin Frank’s face when he was at our house and wanted to watch a football game or something, and I had to tell him John had deleted all the sports channels from our TV. Actually, the really memorable look was a few moments later when he realized I wasn’t joking.

In spite of our indifference to sports, John and I occasionally find ourselves sitting in a sports arena with lots of other “fans” watching two teams battle each other over the position of some sort of ball.

We have learned it’s worthwhile to sometimes do things outside of our comfort zone; for us, attending a sporting event has the potential reward of lots of fun.

Siobhan and Saoirse wanted to see an American baseball game, and with only two nights left of their visit to America we were not about to deny them the opportunity.


So yesterday, we went to Yankee Stadium along with our friend Suzanne (who is also a work colleague of John’s, and a good sport because she is actually a Mets fan), to watch the Yankees play the Red Sox.


The Brits were keen to enjoy their first ever baseball game.


Saoirse was thrilled to purchase a flat top Yankees cap immediately upon entering the stadium.


Siobhan and John seemed just as thrilled to buy big overly priced beers.


A brief downpour of rain did not dampen their spirits.


We all took shelter at the top of the bleachers.


I enjoyed seeing John and Siobhan and Saoirse watch the game and learn about baseball (thanks to Suzanne for taking charge of their instruction). It was a great game, and a fun night for us all.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see Derek Jeeter hit his 250th home run. I missed it because I was fascinated by the vendor who could balance a case of peanuts on his head.


There is so much to enjoy at the ol’ ball game.


At one slow point during the game I turned to admire the hairstyle of the guy sitting behind us. I asked him if I could take his photo and borrow his mohawk…


see how fun it is to try something different.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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