Graduation Day


I attended the graduation ceremony yesterday morning at Will’s school. His year at pre-school went by so quickly. Before you know it, it will be September and he will be starting kindergarten.

I watched with pride as Will lead the procession of graduates into the classroom. Each graduate was called by name and presented with a diploma. The kids in turn gave their caps and diplomas to their parents.

Deb pointed out to me that the graduation caps were made at school from plastic bowls and cardboard and yarn.


Without the caps, the graduates were unencumbered to sing songs with well-choreographed gesturing. I liked the song about saying hello in different languages with lots of waving.


After the ceremony, everyone went out to the playground. Will was well-prepared for his big day and had chocolate graduation pops to hand out to his classmates.


He also had a stack of business cards to hand out — so it would be easy for friends to keep in touch and make play dates.


I asked for two cards so I could give one to John.

I was thrilled to be in Will’s fan club on his graduation day, along with Earl (who took the photo), Cecelia, his Mom and Dad, Granny, Nina, and Marilyn. His teacher Miss B referred to us collectively as Will’s entourage.


I kicked back with the graduate for a few moments in the playhouse, and wondered if there is a cut-off age at his old school.


I could see myself excelling there. I could earn a degree like Will’s. Miss B said the school also offers a masters program.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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