Great Wheelbarrow Find


I made my first yard sale purchase of the year. The wheelbarrow immediately caught my eye when I arrived at a neighbourhood sale this morning. I gravitated towards it.


The owner, Patti, and her friend and helper, Allysa, soon joined me. The three of us admired the wheelbarrow together. We all appreciated it’s appearance, especially the blue on the underside that brought the 1950s to mind. Pattie explained that she had always intended to put flowers in it but had never got around to doing so. I pictured myself getting more practical use from it.

I was hesitant to buy the wheelbarrow because of Dan’s and my desire not to acquire more stuff while construction is going on. We already have a wheelbarrow, but the tyre sometimes goes flat. Also, it has a guard in front of the wheel that often hits the ground, bringing myself and the barrow to an abrupt stop. I like that this one has a hard tyre and no guard.

Patti suggested that I take it for a test drive.


It handled and corned beautifully. I was sold.

I paid Patti and complemented Allysa on her cool looking notepad. I really like the graphics. She explained that it had been amongst her grandfather’s belongings and that she enjoyed using it.


I called Dan on the way home to tell him about our new purchase. He met us outside and immediately commented that he had never seen a Tiffany blue wheelbarrow before. I knew he liked it.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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