Helpful Neighbors


It seems the whole neighborhood helped me to have a good day.

First of all, Deb made it easy for me to make plans for the day by offering to take Jack out for an afternoon walk. I was able to go into the city to check out the BlogWorld expo at the Javits Center and then see ABT’s matinee performance of Onegin.

I took the bus to Port Authority because John had to use our car, and I was planning to take public transportation home. But I thought it was worth asking my neighbor Matt if he knew any orchestra members driving back to our neighborhood after the ballet. Our town is home to many classical musicians. I got a ride with Ellen, a cellist, and her daughter Lauren. They live a few streets from us.

When I arrived home and opened our front door, there was a note on the floor. It was from our next door neighbors Jingoo and Julie. They rode the bus with me into the city this morning and we had a long chat. I had asked if they were happy with their internet service provider. I told them our service is down and a repair person is coming tomorrow.

In the note Jingoo had written his wi-fi address and password, so that I can access his network until our internet service is restored. Actually his was the second offer of internet service from a neighbor; the first network was out of range.

John and I have posted about planting rose bushes for Deb and repairing steps for Eleanor. We give of ourselves to our neighbors because our neighbors are generous to us. It’s a reciprocating relationship. I was happy to be on the receiving end today.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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