For the first time, I am writing two consecutive blog entries as Dan is busy updating drawings for our house.


Our town requires a set of “as-built” drawings before our final inspection (yes, we’re getting close!). Along the way changes and additions were made, and they all need to be captured on the final set of drawings that the town will keep on record.

Today Dan is updating the electrical drawings; we added a lot of switches and sockets (which the electrician calls receptacles and Dan calls outlets). In my opinion, you can never have too many sockets.

As you may recall we had a lot of wires dangling around our house (see “Wired and Framed” August 28, 2012 posting).


Fortunately they have now been fed into the electrical panels.



One of the updates Dan made today was for a socket in the Potting Shed that powers our Fastaire Hand Dryer. Originally we thought the dryer would be hard wired, but the electrician decided it would be better to connect it with a cord and plug.


Installing a hand dryer was my idea. I first encountered a Fastaire dryer several years ago at a rest stop in upstate New York. I was immediately impressed by it, and thought one would be useful in the Potting Shed that we intended to build. I set up a search on eBay and a few months later one came up. I bought it.

Two things that impressed me about the Fastaire were the speed at which air is expelled, and that it is made of cast aluminium. I was also taken with its overall retro look including the unrefined graphic that depicts the product name speeding through the air.


I’m looking forward to using the dryer next gardening season and am thinking that it may need a fun name. Humphrey (the name of the manufacturer) seems an obvious choice, but maybe we should consult with Ming before making a final decision.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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