The Ice Man


It’s forecast to heat up during the next few days.


Fortunately we have sourced an ice delivery service in the nick of time.

Our freezer used to make ice, but no longer does since we relocated it and disconnected the water supply. We’ve been buying bags of ice at the local supermarket. Last Thursday there was a crisis. Dan went to our freezer and there was no ice — and it was gin o’clock!

Always cool-headed in an emergency, Dan thought of a quick solution. He set off with an insulated cool bag to get ice from Matt and Deb’s freezer.

On the way to Matt and Deb’s freezer one passes the wall in their kitchen that’s finished like a blackboard. Neatly written on the wall is a list of Will’s chores. He earns money for each chore and uses it to buy toys… usually bakugans.


Identifying an unmet need (ours) in the ice supply marketplace, we proposed to Deb that Will take on a new chore and become our ice supplier. This would provide another opportunity to earn some money — and buy more toys.

Yesterday evening Will made his first delivery.


He was a little unsure about the nature of the task. Deb, Dan and I were referring to the delivery as one of his “chores,” but Will questioned whether it was a chore. Why? Because it’s not listed as such on the blackboard wall. Will is a stickler for details.

We paid Will for the ice. He wasn’t that interested in the money, and asked if he could visit The Destruction (his term for the construction site). There he played happily with sawdust and triangle-shaped offcuts of wood that interested him — and that he later took home in his cool bag.


He made a second delivery tonight with Nina.


He went home with his money… and a pot of sawdust from The Destruction.


Will seems to be pleased with the outcome of his ice delivery service, and so are we.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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