Dan and I are currently staying with our very good friend Maxine and her family — her partner Philip and their two boys Finley and Elliott.

Dan was in England having accepted an invitation to a wedding celebration (an American friend of his had just married an Englishman).  Afterwards he stayed with his friends Max and Lucy who shared a house.

I had been friends with Max and Lucy for several years and Dan had known them even longer.  Max thought Dan and I would enjoy meeting each other, so she invited me to join the three of them for a drink.  I met Dan in Max and Lucy’s kitchen.

None of us imagined Dan and I would become a couple, and that I would emigrate to America eighteen months later as a result of her invitation.

You never know what life has in store for you or where an invitation will lead.  Here we are nearly eighteen years later visiting Max and her family.  Tomorrow we are all invited to Lucy and her husband Nic’s joint 50th birthday party…


 live. enjoy. repeat.

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