iPhoto Moments


John and I frequently take photos with our iPhones and send them to each other via text messaging. We find it’s a great way to share a moment, an observation, or something of interest.

John fully embraces the immediacy of communication made possible by our iPhones. If he wants to show me something, he sends a photo of it to me right then and there. I love it when I receive a photo from John and he is only footsteps away — like if I am in the living room and he is in the basement.

This week, however, John is much farther than a few footsteps away. He is traveling with work… Chicago yesterday, Dallas today, Los Angeles tomorrow. Today he sent me photos of his in-flight snack.


John was intrigued by the story of the woman who founded Two Moms In The Raw. After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, she began a personal journey to wellness that brought her to a raw food diet.


Here are some photos that I sent to John while he has been away…

A dessert in the shape of a fish that Suzanne brought me from a Japanese restaurant yesterday.


The new look of our dining room chairs – that I picked up from the upholsterer E. Polarolo & Sons yesterday.


Dexter, Jack’s new friend he met this afternoon.


And my facial with the girls this evening.


Ok, when our friend Joyce invited me to sample Rodan and Fields skincare products with a small group of her friends, well, how could I say no. It seemed the perfect activity for a Wednesday night, and a great way to distract myself from missing John.

John’s one word text response to this iPhoto moment:


live. enjoy. repeat.

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