Island Adventures


In order to join John in New Hampshire the other weekend, Jack and I spent nearly 5 hours together on the road. It seemed like a lot of travel time for what would be a short visit.


Once we arrived, and saw John and the beautiful setting, we were reminded why we made the long drive.


John suggested we take Jack to the island, so he could enjoy a run around. So we set off in the canoe…


to the island in the middle of the pond; it is a little gem — not much more than an outcropping of rocks and a few pine trees.


As soon as we reached its rocky shore, Jack scampered off to explore.


He checked out every corner,




and edge of the island.


And then he did it all again… and again.

When he was satisfied that there was nothing left to explore, Jack found his way back to the canoe,


jumped in,


and indicated to us that he was ready to go home.


So, I paddled my passengers back to shore…


slowly, so we could enjoy the scenery and the ride.


The next day John and I made another trip to the island — this time without Jack, and without the canoe. We swam.

After only a brief rest on the island we decided to swim home. Approaching clouds were turning a very dark grey.

We were little more than half way to shore when it started to rain. The surface of the dark water began to dance — each drop producing a bright little column of water that jumped up toward the sky. The splashing sounds of raindrops and the eye-level view of thousands of silvery pistons pulsing all around us was exhilarating. It made me smile and giggle out loud.

I told John when we were running up the bank toward the house that I had never experienced rain on the water while swimming like that before.

Our adventures to and from and on the island were highlights of a very good weekend together — all well worth the 5 hour journey.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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